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A Sports ID Bracelet, or more commonly known as a SportsTagID, is a specially designed Sports bracelet displaying your vital information in case of emergency on the custom engraved Tag or clasp (Naked ID).

Its main structure is Ultra Silicone, something unique to SportsTagID. This material is formulated, not only for durability, but for comfort, as in feel and softness. It is also the only Sports ID Bracelet in the world designed to actively match your skin temperature within minutes of fastening it on.

We simply want you to know you’re wearing a Sports bracelet, but your body should feel as if nothing is there, hence the matching of temperature. Furthermore, as a true Sports ID, it must be light easy to wear, adjustable and safe. The fastening components are high grade stainless steel.

As a world leader in Sports ID, also including Marine ID (waterproof high durability compounds), we pride ourselves on setting the standards of what a Real Sports ID should be.

Our ID is not centric to just being an ID but is developed around sport for durability, high visibility and to speak for you if you could not should something unthinkable occur. Yes, at first glance it may look like just a neat fashionable ID bracelet, but many hours of research have not only gone into its design but in actual testing. We have constantly asked for feedback from a variety of people from everyday active people to Olympic Gold Medal Athletes.

We have tested this Sports ID Bracelet 24 hour a day 7 days a week, from mountains in Japan bearing 19 meters of snow to the depths of the Atlantic in over 60 feet of water where we actually submerged our ID for 9 days underwater exposing it to whatever was there inviting something to go wrong. The result was our Sports ID, in EVERY test exceeded our wildest expectations.

While we realize these conditions may not be present to most people using SportsTagID, we are more than confident to say we design, test and deliver truly one of the best Sports ID’s and Sports Medical ID’s ever to be found.

While our competition tries to brand or market their ID in similar fashion, they do just that. SportsTagID Sport ID Bracelets are driven by form and function first in sport than to market. To date, no other ID can claim they have so many different athletes wearing their product in more than 71 countries. We speak the truth when we say SportsTagID has already won the trust of so many athletes. As a matter of fact most of the athletes that wear our product went unsolicited and are NOT paid with any large endorsements. They simply believe in what we make and our more than happy in allowing us to show & share.

Let’s be honest, when you have Fighter pilots,Olympic Athletes and the legendary Montreal Canadians wearing your Sport ID Bracelet, namely SportsTag*ID, you might just say we’re making a fine product. We insist on you being the judge. If you’re not delighted, simply send it back for a full refund.   We make know bones about it.

While our competition scours to use keywords claiming their ID is a Sports ID, we know that SportsTag*ID is the only true Sports ID Bracelet. We consider it a compliment that we are the standard by comparison.

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Bike Pure – Blue, Citrus – Orange, Ducati – Red, Ergo Light – Black, Ocean Marine – Blue, Pink – Mink, Pro Hot – Yellow, World Edition


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